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Professional Head Lice and Nit Removal Service. Treatment in San Diego, Portland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Fernando Valley, San Jose, Ventura, Oregon, Nevada, and California.

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 Nit Picky treats head lice and nits without the use of over the counter lice shampoos that contain pesticides. Instead we use a non-toxic enzyme that dissolves the glue of the nits/eggs and eliminates head lice. Our process includes a very effective manual removal of lice and eggs to ensure your family is properly eradicated.

What We Offer

Upon scheduling an appointment a lice specialist will come directly to your home to treat your family.

All specialists are background screened and Nit Picky Lice Certified to safely treat your family.


      Lice Removal Service Includes:

  • We provide all of the non-toxic products for the treatment.
  • We perform the lice treatment and eradicate lice and eggs.
  • We advise you of what to do and not to do to the home.
  • We teach you how to prevent future infestations
  • We can provide a lice clearance certificate for you to give to your child's school.
  • We can have you back to work and your child/children back to school the next day.
  • We can provide you peace of mind, so that you can relax and focus on your family.

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Service


Why should I hire your service over a lice salon?

There are several benefits to hiring Nit Picky professional lice removal service over going to a lice salon.

  1. We focus on a one time treatment option.
  2. We average out to be about 30%-50% less than a lice salon.
  3. We come to you so that you can go about your day.
  4. The treatment can be performed privately in your home.
  5. You save time and gas, by not taking the time to travel
  6. We do not require additional treatments.
  7. We can advise you on what to do or not to do to the home.
  8. You are free to eradicate the home, while we take care of the hair.
  9. Your family gets our devoted attention.
  10. We provide emergency, evening, and weekend appointments.

Will we be 100% clear of head lice from the first treatment?

After your first lice treatment with us you will be 98% eradicated. Don't believe a company that tells you that you will be 100% eradicated from one treatment. Nothing is 100% the first time. Lice removal is simply a process. After the lice treatment, we will provide you hands on training and show you how to follow up on your own from where we leave off or you can hire us back out for an additional treatment.

Our promise is to remove every nit and bug that we can find during the first lice treatment.


Do you guarantee your lice service?

Yes, we have a 100% success rate and we honor a guarantee. Our guarantee policy is that all family members must be screened and treated if the need be by us. Our guarantee requires two-three treatments within three to five days from one another. After your final lice treatment, we guarantee that if your family gets head lice within 14 days from the last treatment we will treat for free.* We do not require you to hire us three times. Remember we always show our families how to follow up on their own to aid in eliminating the need for additional treatments during the first visit.


Do you come in a car that says LICE?

No, no, and never. Please rest assured that we arrive in unmarked vehicles. It is just like you are having a friend over and your neighbors will not know the difference.


Why is the lice shampoo not working?

Head lice are becoming resistant to the pesticides found in over the counter lice shampoos and prescriptions. Parents today are struggling to get rid of head lice by themselves. Many families are reporting that they are still finding live bugs immediately after using these products.



Our Promise

Nit Picky is a professional lice removal service dedicated to non-toxic, pesticide free lice treatments. We promise to treat head lice safe and effectively. Guaranteed, no monkey business. We promise a successful lice treatment without the use of over the counter lice shampoos that tend to fail. Instead we take a natural approach to treating head lice through our fast and effective manual removal process. Nit Picky can perform the same results for half of the price. Lice shampoos are pesticide or chemical based and they do not kill all of the eggs/bugs. Instead we get right to work to treat your family with the best way to get rid of head lice. Our lice specialist/nitpicker will come directly to your home to treat your family. All of our products are non-toxic and pesticide free. Our lice products are safe enough for infants and expecting mothers. During the lice treatment process, the specialist will provide a prevention program, teach you how to treat your home and provide a caring ear.

All of our lice specialists are Nit Picky Certified and background screened to ensure that an experienced and creditable lice specialist will be coming to your home. For more information on Nit Picky's professional lice removal services, please visit our service page

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